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        Friends, Romulans, Countrypeople, I think you know what this is about.

        With our current new COVID-19 reality, it has become increasingly obvious that it is not only impossible but irresponsible to go forward with Continuum 16 in 2020. Therefore, the Continuum 16 Committee has come to the decision to postpone Continuum 16: All Possible Futures to a future date in 2021.

        Our intention is to retain our lovely Guests of Honour — Zen Cho, Glenda Larke, and Marlee Jane Ward — for the rescheduled con, and use this extra unexpected downtime to come up with some shiny plans for virtual gatherings and online workshops. Meanwhile, you can keep up with Zen on Twitter and Patreon, Glenda on Twitter, and Marlee on Twitter and Patreon. Consider supporting their Patreons, or purchasing their books if you can, because we love them.

        Memberships will be refunded via TryBooking, and questions can be directed to membership@

        While we encourage you to keep practicing IRL social distancing, you can still reach out to us via Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.

        If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email chair@

        Continuum All Possible Futures
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